Our Values

We Believe

Everyone deserves access to safe, non-judgmental and welcoming medical treatment to begin healing and recovery.

Everyone has potential to improve their situation when they are provided with the right supports.

Treatment for substance use disorder must be unbiased, trauma informed and culturally sensitive, and must include medical, psychological and social aspects.

In alignment with these values, we take a person-centred, trauma informed, harm reductionist, and evidence-based approach. 

 (To learn more about how we apply these approaches, visit our Social R& D Field Guide).

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Seeing participants as people, rather than their problems or challenges, and supporting their journey towards what recovery means to them. Supporting people to feel empowered over as many aspects of their lives as possible, in order to take steps to where they want to be.

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Acknowledging that most participants have experienced some form of trauma in their life, and that the health care system and providers can re-traumatize clients. Awareness of this is embedded into our policies, procedures, and communication styles.

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Prioritising the reduction of negative social and physical consequences of human behaviours. Harm-reduction exists everywhere, from wearing bike helmets, to seat belts, or using condoms. Prohibition of substances, or activities, only makes them more dangerous as they become concentrated and hidden from sight. 

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Delivering medical and social interventions with strong empirical data to support their effectiveness in harm reduction, and contributing to the scientific knowledge base. We engage in research in order to understand how to provide effective, efficient, compassionate healthcare.

Our Impact

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participants served at River Stone Recovery Centre


knowledge products shared with similar centres across Canada to replicate our model


reduction in illicit opioid use by iOAT patients after 18 months 


of iOAT patients attribute improvements in their physical and/or mental health to the program

River Stone Recover Centre's measurable impact within its first two years of operation.

In response to the devastating impact that COVID-19 had on essential community services, the team established an emergency daytime drop in centre: the Phoenix Learning Centre. After being moved from its initial location due to concerns from neighbouring businesses, the centre's subsequent location was closed in April 2021 after zoning complications prohibited its continued operation.

During it's 6 months of operations, the Phoenix Learning Centre:

To learn more about our journey, visit our Social R&D Field Guide

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